What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

Psychology is one kind of scientific study of the human mind and human behavior. Psychology is a well-rounded degree. 

Psychology prepares students to join various fields and grow successfully. You will get different options depending on your specialization and interest.  If you have a graduate degree, you will get more options than the psychology undergraduate degree holder.

Let’s know what can you do with a psychology degree. 

What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree

What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree? 

Being a psychologist is an option that most of us think is the only option we have when we have a psychology degree. But it’s not true. Besides being a psychologist, you can have some more high-quality job opportunities also. 

Still, many people mocked and ask, what can you do with a psychology degree? Go and treat people who are mentally disabled.

Answer them confidently. With a psychology degree, you can build your career in healthcare, education, social work, counseling, mental health, therapy, media, creative industry, etc. We would like to tell you about all the job opportunities you can have with a psychology degree in detail. If you are interested to know then be with us till the end.

Careers in Healthcare 


This is the common career option almost all of us know about. A physiotherapist’s work is to help couples, individuals, families, or anyone overcome their psychological issues. A psychologist can be an expert in areas like neuropsychology, child psychology, school psychology, etc. He supports the patient emotionally, understands their problems, and advises them to overcome their problems. Be it relationship issues, addiction, depression, or mental stress, they handle all psychological cases. During the process, a psychotherapist uses some methods and therapy to cure the patient. They use cognitive skills, psychoanalytic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, art therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, drama therapy, Hypno psychotherapy, experiential therapy, etc.

Social worker

When you have a psychology degree, you can choose the path of being a social worker as your career. As a social worker, you have to understand what people are going through when they face a difficult period of life. A social worker has to safeguard the lives of children or older people who are disabled or victims of abuse or crime. They support people and help them in improving their lives. A social worker may work within a hospital, home, school, or public agency; they have to specialize in psychology. When they have a psychology degree, they specialize in working with disabled, children, or vulnerable adults. 


With a psychology degree, you can have a better career as a counselor. A counselor is involved in assisting people who come to them to improve terms with their lives. People come to counselors to explore their feelings and emotions. A counselor is specialized in school counseling, couple counseling, behavior disorder, substance use disorder, etc. Counselors use their science of psychology to analyze, diagnose, and treat patients struggling with the stress of marriage and family, abuse, health, rehabilitation, grief, mental health, or any psychological issues. 

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Careers in Education

People with psychology degrees can make their career in the education sector if they want. There are various opportunities available in the education sector. You can be an Educational Psychologist or Educational Therapist. Don’t be disappointed if you wanted to be a teacher but couldn’t be one. You can be a Psychology Teacher at the primary, secondary, or tertiary level of education after studying psychology. 

You can teach young offenders within the prison and support the learning of all ages of people in the community.

And if you have a higher degree (Master’s Degree), you can be an educational psychologist. With this degree, you can contribute to the development of educational settings. You can deal with emotional or social issues after learning about their difficulties and help people to overcome their problems.

Careers in Research

With a psychology degree, you can be a psychology researcher. You may be hired to research in public organizations, private organizations, research agencies, or universities. There are other sectors you can join, govt policy development research, important issues of industry research, etc. You can also work for a non-profit organization. Or open a research firm where you will conduct research like child development research, social development research, educational development research, health development research, etc. to help society.  

Careers in Media and Advertising

A psychology graduate can work in media and advertising. You don’t need to limit your career options only between healthcare and education. You can work in all sections of society. Psychology graduates can listen, analyze, and respond well. So they can use this ability and act with compassion and reason. Roles of management, writing, scheduling, production, and all media career options are open for psychology graduates. 

Career in Human Resources and Communications

Psychology graduates understand very well how people think. This specialized skill helps them in making a career in human resources and communication. The public and private sectors hire a psychology degree holder with a post to manage employees. Here the graduate’s duty will be to satisfy the employee by understanding their need, work to develop professionals, train employees, internal communications, etc.

Career in Business and Management 

In the field of business and management, psychology graduates can join, but they will need some training before entering the role. Psychology graduates have enough knowledge of handling data and people both. So they can do business consultancy and contribute to other business sectors like marketing, advertising, sales, and development. And in the future, they can work as a leader by understanding the workers’ emotions and helping them.

Apart from the above career opportunities, you can also make a career in IT, Legal Sector, Finance, Govt Administration, or Market research.


We have shared all information about the psychology degrees. Starting from what psychology degree is, what courses are there, and what career options you will get after obtaining a psychology degree. We hope now you have got your answer of what can you do with a psychology degree.