What Can I Do with a Spanish Degree

What Can I Do with a Spanish Degree

Spanish is one of the six languages of the united state. People from all around the world speak Spanish. If you are interested in learning the Spanish language, admit yourself to take a degree in it. Learning a new language/ Spanish language increases focus ability, helps your brain resist, etc. Not only this but having a Spanish degree can make you more employable also. Surprised? Are you thinking, “What Can I Do with a Spanish Degree? Well, various options are there. Want to know what career opportunities are there for you after you earn a Spanish degree?

Do you wondered What Can I Do with a Spanish Degree

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All you need to know about Spanish Degree

There are four kinds of Spanish degrees available you can have. Here we will tell you a little detail about all the degrees, their definitions, learning, courses, and career opportunities. So let’s dive into the four Spanish degrees and learn more about them.

Associate Degree in Spanish

An associate’s degree in Spanish is a program of two years. In this course, students will learn Spanish vocabulary, Grammar correcting, and basic structure. After completing this course, students will be able to write and speak in the Spanish language. An associate’s degree will teach the students how to translate a sentence from English to Spanish. This program will make the students skilled in Spanish culture and literature. It means a student will learn all basic things about the Spanish language in the associate degree program. This degree program consists of 60 credits. If students take this program on a full-time basis, they will earn it in only two years. 

Career Opportunities with Associate’s Degree

After completing this degree program, what can I do with a Spanish degree?

No worries, an associate degree will bring some opportunities for you. You can join the places where Spanish language skills are needed. You can work as an Administrative Associates, Community Service Worker, or Teaching Assistant. You can also do some entry-level jobs in a hotel, school, community center, cruise line, or airline.

Bachelor of Spanish Degree

After obtaining an associate Spanish degree, now it’s time for higher study. If you want to earn a degree that will bring professional job opportunities for you, you have to earn a bachelor’s Spanish degree. This degree is considered as the baseline to get professional jobs. This degree course consists of a total of 120 credits. If you join the full-time course then you will get it in four years. Or, if you want to explore, admit yourself to win the accelerated bachelor’s degrees. An accelerated degree takes only three years to earn. This degree program will teach the students general education core in the Spanish language. This degree program will have  coursework of introductory, advanced Spanish grammar, elementary, and vocabulary, 

The students will study social science, natural science, and humanities. Bachelor’s degree will make you oral proficiency in the Spanish language. And before you get the degree they will take an oral proficiency interview to check your Spanish language fluency. This interview will ensure the students can deliver the Spanish language as a native or not. If the students can’t prove a high level of Spanish language proficiency, the authority will refuse to give the degree.

Career Opportunities with Bachelor’s Degree

After being fluent in the Spanish language, you can work professionally in translating, teaching, or interpreting. Don’t think associate’s degree and bachelor’s degrees job opportunities are the same.

With an associate’s degree, you will get jobs of entry-level while with a bachelor’s degree; you will get the same kind of job in a higher position. For example, when you join a school with an associate’s degree, the school will hire you in the primary section. But when you have a Spanish bachelor’s degree, they will hire you in secondary school or college. You can also work as an international salesperson, cultural event coordinator, interpreter, etc. 

Along with the upper mentioned job, you can also explore yourself in the community centers, nonprofits organizations, Spanish book publishing center, marketing sector, private business, advocacy, human service, healthcare center, etc. 

Master’s Degree

Professional take this advanced degree to achieve the expertise skill in Spanish. This graduation degree consists of a total of 60 credits. If the students join the full-time course, they will get the graduate degree in two years. But if you want to earn a master’s degree faster, then admit yourself to earn the accelerated master’s degree program. This accelerated degree program will take only 18 months to complete.

A master’s degree is more advanced and more specialized. Along with learning the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking world, you will study expertise in a specific area. There are some particular areas of the master’s program; you can specify only one of them through this program. 

Career Opportunities with Master’s Degree

After you earn the master’s Spanish degree, you will get higher position jobs in the safe field. Hospitality, translation, publishing, advocacy, management, planning, administration are some fields you can join.

Apart from the upper jobs, you can also work as an international aid director, curator, immigration service coordinator, foreign exchange program officer, international development worker, and international business advisor. And if you are interested in joining in education, you can be an adjunct professor at the tertiary level.

Ph.D. degree

After having the master’s Spanish degree, if you want to join in a higher position in academia, you need to earn a Ph.D. degree. A Ph.D. degree means you have the highest level of expertise in a particular field. 

The Ph.D. program is long and tough. It will take three to five years to complete the Ph.D. program. This program provides in-depth education and provides certificates for only dedicated experts. You can get a Ph.D. only in one specific area of your interest; it can be Spanish linguistics or Spanish literature. 

Career Opportunities with Ph.D. Degree

With this degree, you can work in various fields. You can be a teacher of the Spanish language and teach literature and cultural courses in universities. A doctorate Spanish degree holder can quickly get a job as a language researcher, immigration consultant, writer, international relationship specialist, etc. 


_What Can I Do with a Spanish Degree

We have shared the details of all the four Spanish degrees you can earn, the learnings, the time it will take to complete, and the career opportunities you will have after obtaining a degree. After learning our shared information, we hope now your quench to learn a Spanish degree has increased. So are you still wondering what can I do with a Spanish degree or satisfied with our answer. Let us know through comment.