The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Texas over the SB8 abortion law

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland announced that the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Texas against SB8, the abortion law that went into effect Sept. 1.

The Ministry of Justice claims that it is “against the disclosure of the Constitution”.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Texas, requires a federal judge to declare that the law is not valid, “to order its enforcement and to protect the rights that Texas has violated.”

The Texas Tribune reported that the law is one of the most restrictive abortion laws – banning sex before six weeks of pregnancy – before some women know they are pregnant. The U.S. Supreme Court has not ruled in favor of the Texas Appeals Chamber.

Texas’s spokeswoman Renae Eze said in a statement:

“The most precious freedom is life itself. Texas has passed a law that ensures that the life of every child with a heart attack will be saved from the damage of abortion. Unfortunately, President Biden and his administration are more interested in shifting the national narrative from the catastrophic evacuation of Afghanistan and unconscionable open border policies to the protection of the innocent birthplace. We are confident that the court will uphold and protect this right to life. “

GRANT: Texas law banning abortion goes into effect for up to six weeks because the US Supreme Court has not taken any action.

Courts have banned other states from imposing such bans, but Texas law differs significantly because it restricts the enforcement of civil cases to private citizens instead of prosecutors.

The law prohibits abortions whenever an ultrasound can detect what the legislature defines as a “heartbeat” of the fetus, although medical and forensic experts say the term is misleading because embryos do not have a heart at that stage of development.

Judicial experts warn that although the law may eventually be found unconstitutional, the way it is written means it will be a tough legal battle, the Associated Press reported.

Pressure has increased not only from the White House on the Justice Department — President Joe Biden said the law is “almost un-American” —but also from Democrats in Congress, who wanted Attorney General Merrick Garland to step down. Earlier this week, Garland vowed that the Department of Justice would step in to enforce a federal law known as the Clinic Access Freedom Act.

That law, commonly known as the FACE Act, generally prohibits the physical obstruction of access to abortion clinics by closing doors or threatening to use force to intimidate or interfere with a person. It also bans property damage to abortion clinics and other obstetric centers.