EdD or Ph.D.?-Which is the Best Doctoral Programs in Education

Excited to elevate your education career? 

Everyone wants to win an advanced degree that opens the door to lots of job opportunities. But before you go to a school to get yourself admitted for a graduate program, wait for a while.

What are the Best Doctoral Programs in Education

There are two types of doctoral degrees available. One is EdD, and another is Ph.D. So which one would you like to go with? Still, wondering? Do you have enough knowledge about both programs? Don’t you know what the best doctoral programs in education is? If yes, then this guide is for you. Here we will give you enough knowledge about both doctoral programs. Our information will help you to decide which doctoral programs will be best for you. Scroll down and learn all things you should know to find out the best doctoral programs in education.

the Best Doctoral Programs in Education

Types of doctoral degree

If we dive into the doctoral degree program, we will get two types of doctoral degree programs. Ed.D and Ph.D. are the two-degree types you can achieve. These degrees will decide your career goals. 

What is Ed.D in Education?

Ed.D degree will prepare you to build a career in educational leadership. In this educational program, you will learn interpreted research. It means EdD will train you to get into the research in a real-world setting. It will make you study all critical theories and specify how you should implement them. Ed.D candidates will acquire the knowledge to solve any educational problems by using their existing knowledge. In a saying, Ed.D candidates will study to become a leader who will work to drive change in K-12, higher education, govt organization, non-profit organization, healthcare. 

Especially mid-to senior-level professionals try to get an Ed.D degree. They implement their knowledge and go ahead with their organization. These candidates don’t only research their interested area. They do existing research and develop strategies to influence their community or organizations positively.

What Is a Ph.D. in Education?

A doctorate in philosophy is called a Ph.D. degree. It was the first offered degree in the field of education, and it’s more popular than EdD. A Ph.D. degree is also called a traditional social science research degree. It helps candidates prepare themselves to make a career as scholars or academics. Ph.D. candidates focus on developing new research on a subj and identify more opportunities to explore and analyze advanced theory. A Ph.D. degree means a master of a subject by completing the research and acquire the knowledge of that subj. Ph.D. students focus on the sociology of education, childhood learning, educational leadership, language, literacy, etc. Ph.D. candidates aren’t only interested in leading. They want to contribute their acquired knowledge.

Career options with EdD and Ph.D. programs

Professional take Doctoral programs to get more opportunities in getting a job. As we told you before, both the programs focus on achieving different goals, so the career opportunities are also different. Candidates who have completed the EdD program have focused on practice and policy. So they get opportunities to explore their knowledge in leadership. And Ph.D. candidates have focused on new research, so they won’t do leadership.

Ed.D Job Opportunities

  • Education Administrator
  • School Principal
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Development Manager
  • Adult Education Specialist
  • Academic Advisor
  • Director of Online Learning Programs

Ph.D. Job Opportunities

  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • Research and Education Program Director
  • Education Policy director
  • School Administrator
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Executive Director

Differences Between EdD and PhD

Both the EdD and Ph.D. are best at their place. Professionals choose their doctoral programs as per their wants. Both the programs need significant commitments and dedication. A doctorate program will take a minimum of three years to complete. If you see the differences between the two doctorate programs, it will help you determine which program is best. Let’s know the differences.

  • EdD tailored candidates to become leaders and Ph.D. tailored to fit instructional or researcher roles.
  • EdD focuses on the strategy of an institute, while Ph.D. focuses on academic research.
  • EdD candidates learn different leadership styles to fit into the larger world. They explore local, national, and even international levels. At the same time, Ph.D. focuses more on data collection and research methods. They scope narrowly in a specific area of research and spend much time on data collecting and analyzing.
  • EdD looks at trends and systemic progress, while Ph.D. spends time examining education theory and various methods.
  • Ph.D. programs offer more job options than EdD programs. 

How to choose the best doctoral programs in education

Best Doctoral Programs in Education

To help you in finding the best doctoral programs in education, we have shared some tips below. Check them and select the best one.

  • Follow passion: Rather than seeing the title of a degree, you should think about your passion. What do you like most? What had you thought to be isn’t matter; what you want to be matters. Don’t start weighing degrees. Learning is achieving; no matter what degree you earn, you should feel proud of what you learn. You should follow the path that brings personal satisfaction with career goals.
  • Imagine your day-to-day: This can help you a lot to choose the right doctoral program for you. Imagine what your life will be when you achieve a degree. Imagine life with both doctoral programs. Now tell us which life seems more comfortable to you? Is it investigating theory, spending time on research methodologies? Or using your knowledge to solve new professional challenges? Decide yourself.
  • Time Commitment: Before you commit to any doctorate in education program, know the time it will take to complete the entire course. If you go with a Ph.D. in Education, it’s gonna take four to six years. Or, if you want to continue with the Ed.D program, it will take only three years, which is almost half of the time the Ph.D. program will complete. You can do the EdD Program part-time, but some Ph.D. programs want full-time commitments.   


So what did you decide? Which best doctoral programs in education you would like to go with, EdD Program or Ph.D.? Need some suggestions? Let us help you a little. EdD programs are great for employers who wish to continue his job but also need a degree. If you think practically and want to do something exceptional, choosing the philosophical Ph.D. degree is the best. But a Ph.D. will eat up lots of time and need your focus, so not everyone can go with it.