5 Best Online Degree Criminal Justice Program

Online degree for the education of criminal justice is specially designed for the students interested in the education of crime and law. This degree is organized to educate you about crime, its adverse impacts on society, and the essential measures to reduce its effects. During the whole session of your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to get skills in analytics and research. You will gain expertise in communication. These skills are required to help you in practice.

When you enroll in criminology and criminal justice, you will learn about three main areas of this bachelor program. The main three areas of the Online degree criminal justice are;

  • Causes behind the crime
  • Results and aftereffects of crime
  • Responsibility of agencies working as criminal justice cell and their management to control crime
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List of online degree criminal justice universities

1- Drexel University

Drexel University

Drexel University is considered one of the best universities running high-ranking online programs. The University is also offering a degree in criminal justice. Other disciplines are working for law, crime, and justice. All these programs of Drexel University are running to grow and prepare the students for their professional careers. The course content of the crime and justice program includes the history of crime and agencies working to reduce the crime ratio. Different procedures and policies, management, structure, and criminal behavior are the foremost vital contents of the course.


The program’s course content includes legal studies, psychology, sociology, political science, chemistry, biotechnology, bioscience, and information science. Computer science is also an essential part of the course, including using a computer and modern technology. Knowledge about biotechnology is also vital to understand the advanced criminal justice system.  

Students can choose the following careers after graduation;

  • Professional legal advisor
  • Criminal justice
  • Forensic science
  • Private security

2- Washington state university- A Best Online Criminal Justice Degree

Washington state university

Washington University is offering an online program in criminal justice. The degree consists of a focused course content that fulfills the education requirements of social science. All the content and conditions are preferred by private agencies working against crime and governmental sectors. After completing the studies, the students are prepared to start their profession in the following fields;

  • You can choose any private sectors like private security
  • In government sectors and agencies as a researcher, investigator, and policymaker.
  • You can get a job in the criminal justice system.

3- The University of South Florida

The University of South Florida

There is a college of health and human sciences at the University of South Florida that offers a bachelor’s degree in crime and justice. The program executes in the criminology department that gives its students in-depth study and knowledge about the criminal justice system. The program curriculum covers learning about the judiciary, juvenile justice, detention, law enforcement, corrections, and probation. After getting the degree of criminology and criminal justice, students can start their career as a professional or continue their additional specialization.

The course content of the degree includes;

  • Survey and research about the behavior of criminal
  • Theories of criminal behavior
  • Research methodology
  • Seminars and conferences in criminology

4- The University of Central Florida – From the Best Criminal Justice Programs

The University of Central Florida

The Department of criminology at the University of Central Florida offers two degrees in criminal justice, a bachelor of arts in criminal justice and a bachelor of science in criminology and criminal justice. The course content and structure of the program are organized to prepare the students for professional positions after competing for their bachelor’s degree. The University of Central Florida always provides its students a very healthy, positive learning environment and follows all the exciting teaching and research methods.

The course content of the program covers the areas of;

  • System of criminal justice
  • Crime ratio in America
  • Analysis of data found for criminal justice
  • Prosecution
  • Adjudication

5- University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers a Bachelor of Science in criminology and criminal justice program. It includes the course content that provides its students’ knowledge about the process of criminal justice and to understand the offending of crime. The program’s coursework offers in-depth knowledge about the criminal law system’s history and modern ethics.

After graduation, the graduates can start their professional career in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice like;

  • Sheriff department
  • Police department
  • Prison management system
  • State police
  • Homeland security department
  • FBI

What is the best online college for criminal justice?

Arizona state university is considered the leading institute for successful online education in different areas and subjects. The criminology and criminal justice area are among those programs that are successfully running in University. It uplifts the characteristics of students in the field of research, communication, and analytics. 

Arizona state university

The management team of each Department of the University has professors in their fields. Professional educators have expertise in courts, laws, gangs, corrections, fraud, and policing.

Can you get a criminology degree online?

Many universities are offering online degrees in criminal justice and criminology. So, you can get your criminology degree.

Can you take online classes for criminal justice?

Students can take online classes for the degree of criminal justice, and it will take two years to complete the degree. After graduation, the graduates can choose their relevant profession.

What are the benefits of getting a criminal justice degree online?

An elementary four year online criminal justice degree will invite the learner to work as a trial officer, police officer, or as justice member system working in courtrooms. Some other benefits are given here;

  • Online degree evaluates a variety of careers in the field of criminal justice.
  • It gives mooth and easy payment
  • The students will get a wide range of Job opportunities
  • There are different benefits of health and retirement
  • You will get a broad learning environment
  • It also enable the learners to help others


Online degree criminal justice gives you a chance to evaluate your knowledge in the research field, investigation, and composing crime reports. The criminal justice program also offers an opportunity to study other subjects like sociology, psychology, chemistry, computer, and other related topics.

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