Massey University will continue online learning for the remainder of the semester

The Palmerston North campus of Massey University will open next week, but most tuition will remain online for the remainder of the year.

Most students at Massey University stay online for the rest of the year due to Covid-19.

The university campuses at Palmerston North and Wellington will open from Monday, now most of the country is at alert level 2, although its Auckland campus is still closed while the city is at level 4.

Massey Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer and Global Engagement Tere McGonagle-Daly said teaching and learning will “mostly” remain online for the rest of the semester.

“With New Zealand at various alert levels and uncertainty surrounding how long these could last and the potential for fluctuations and alert levels, our students have told us they want security around how learning is delivered for the rest of semester two.”

It was agreed that Massey would continue with online learning if possible.

There are exceptions when personal learning is required.

“Staff work to identify what courses personal learning needs for the remainder of semester two.

“Course coordinators will be in touch with students if their course requires personal learning, by the end of this week.”

When personal training is required, physical distance must be maintained and masks recommended. If distance is not an option, wear masks.

QR codes for scanning are up on campus and people need to record their movements on campus.

Facilities such as libraries, laboratories and student services are open on site with health and safety measures in place.

Staff and students are encouraged to wear a mask for all activities where physical distance cannot be maintained.

Face coverings are mandatory in public areas including libraries, cafes and food services, except for food, and public transportation.

Students and staff must scan into buildings using QR codes or manually.

Staff and students should keep 2 meters from each other in the public space and 1 meter at the workplace or in personal education.

Due to the interruption, the Massey teaching teams reduced the number of exams as much as possible.

“Many assessments have been redesigned as assignments or have been moved to class testing,” McGonagle-Daly said.

“However, there are still some assessments that require exam-like arrangements and these are done online.”

There was a suspension of minimum grades and mandatory assessment items on most courses.

“No assessment articles are compulsory unless these are specifically required by a professional body and no assessments require students to achieve a minimum mark in order to achieve a passing grade in the course.”

More information can be found on Massey’s website under Exams and Ratings or Disabled Performance Considerations.