Health Insurance Assistance – Boulder County

Health insurance market

Sometimes referred to as the “switch”, Connect for Health Colorado is the marketplace for state health insurance. Individuals, families, and small employers can shop and purchase health insurance through the Connect for Health Colorado website. Boulder County is a certified Colorado health care contact site and has trained health care providers to help residents enroll in health insurance. Call 303-441-1000 or email for more information or to make an appointment with a health care guide.

Marketplace helps people who are not qualified for medical or employer coverage

With one application, individuals and families can be assessed for their eligibility for Medicaid / CHP + and a tax deduction to pay for private insurance on the Marketplace. The marketplace is for US citizens, legal residents and all other legally resident immigrants who now buy insurance themselves, who are uninsured or do not have access to affordable insurance with their employer. Note: Suspended Child License Holder (DACA) actions are not eligible.

The tax deduction reduces your monthly premium

If you are eligible for a tax deduction, they can be applied directly to your monthly premiums to reduce your monthly payment. The tax deduction is calculated from the marketplace by using the estimated household income for the tax return per year. Use Connect for Health’s Quick Cost and Plan Finder Tool to estimate your tax credit amount. To find out what gross income is, visit Health Reform: Beyond the Basics to see the formula for calculating gross income (MAGI).

Financial assistance in the form of tax deductions and cost reductions is available for plans purchased through Connect for Health Colorado. Many households assume that they earn too much to qualify. A four-person household earning up to $ 100,400 may still be eligible for financial assistance to reduce premium costs. Not sure about the suitability of your home? Follow your health insurance guidelines to see if your family is eligible for a tax deduction.

  • Connect for Colorado Health:
  • Connect to Colorado Health: 1-855-752-6749 (1-855-PLANS-4-YOU)
  • Boulder County Health Coverage Guide: 303-441-1000