Good Hope Woman deserves doctorate in philosophy degree

Dr. Shana Jno Finn
Dr. Shana JohnFinn

Dr. Shana JohnFinn, of Good Hope, recently earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Health Psychology from Virginia State University.

Dr. JohnFinn, the daughter of Senators Eernie JnoFinn and George JnoFinn, is a graduate of Dominica Convent High School.

Dr. JohnFinn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from the University of the Virgin Islands St. Cross deserves. She also received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Virginia State University before earning a doctorate.

Dr. JohnFinn has worked in multiple regional and state hospitals in the United States representing clinical psychology. She recently completed her pre-doctoral residency at a large regional hospital in a southern U.S. state. She has worked as a health psychologist in three interdisciplinary teams in two acute psychiatric hospitals.

The Doctor of Philosophy graduates are conscious in making neuropsychological and cognitive assessments, facilitating cognitive behavioral skills and social cognitive interactive skill groups, individual therapy, short psychotherapy as well as psychological consultations and medical appointments, among others. Their theoretical orientation though eclectic is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy and Rogerian therapy.

Dr. JohnFinn conducts postdoctoral research and works in private practice. She plans to further build her clinical skills by working with young adults in geriatric populations in various settings while conducting clinical health research.