COVID-19 Data Cited as the First Cause of Death in Law Enforcement-NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

That is another heartbreaking statistic we have seen emerged from this pandemic.

More officers have died from COVID-19 than from any other cause, both this year and last year.

The data comes from the National Legal Officers Memorial Fund, which spoke about the findings this week. The Officer Down Memorial Page also tracks the death toll numbers of the line of duty, which are updated on its website in real time.

2021 GRAPH

Data from the Employee Memory Page.

So far in 2021, the organization has confirmed 255 deaths along the line of duty in law enforcement.

The graph below shows the separation. The largest cause is COVID-19, with 144 deaths — which counts as line deaths.

Other causes include shootings (39), traffic accidents and other medical causes.



The 2020 data tells us even more. Last year, the memorial page recorded 371 deaths in a row, an increase of 146 percent.

The biggest cause was also COVID-19, with 242 deaths.

In total deaths, Texas topped the list last year with 87 total deaths.

The memorial page has created a special website that honors those who have been particularly missing from COVID-19, along with countless pictures facing the numbers.

covid pics


Of course, infection can occur both internally and uniformly.

Local police departments were forced to introduce new security protocols to enforce their power last year. Most people follow local CDC and state guidelines.

In some sections, officers are asked to wear a mask in close proximity to others. Institutions like Dallas, Fort Hale and Arlington have asked their own to get the vaccine.

Fort Worth Police and Fire Department also have a vaccination clinic on site.

Some departments also provide PPE and testing, and some internal meetings continue in a practical manner.

The National Legal Officers Memorial Fund has made it clear that the data they collect is fluid, as it is a difficult process to confirm deaths on duty.