Car Accident Lawyer NY- Get Your Best Match Lawyer in New York

An accident doesn’t come by telling us; it happens suddenly. If you have recently faced an accident or didn’t face one yet still, you should know some related things about a car accident lawyer. When you are living in new york, it’s essential for you. Because the accident is a common thing, people faces in new york. 

But the govt has made a rule for the victim, whoever faces an accident because of someone else neglect ( we have discussed some cautions of accidents), will get a fair amount of compensation. But you need to prove his innocence and another party’s fault. If the other party doesn’t have insurance or you have insurance still you can get compensation. 


Read below. We have discussed the importance of hiring a car accident lawyer NY, the top five car accident lawyers in NY, common car accidents you can faces, reasons for car accidents in NY, car accident statics NY, and the insurance details.

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So be with us till the end to know all the related information you should know about a car accident when you live in new york.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in New York

Sometimes a car crash takes someone’s life or makes someone suffer from serious injuries. Injuries like broken bones, lacerations, concussions, loss of mobility, etc. according to NY law, the victim will get fair compensation for the damages he faces. Be it physical damage, mental damage, or property damage. What compensation can you get? You will get medical bills, repair costs, medication expenses, transportation costs, lost wages, etc., but you won’t get this compensation so easily. 

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The fault driver insurance company will try to deal with you. They will try to trick you and give you the least amount. Sometimes they want to prove the victim party as the faulty one. So you should be very careful when you talk to them. Your one wrong word, not even a sentence, a word they can use and make it a weapon against you. So you should hire a lawyer who will handle all these matters for you. A lawyer knows very well how to deal with the insurance company and shut their mouth. A lawyer will handle your case and will ensure you get a fair amount of compensation.

  • A lawyer will do a proper investigation, he will find out how the car accident crash occurred, what was the reason and who was the faulty one
  • He will collect evidence, click photos, collect videos, or eye witness. If needed he will hire accident experts to find more evidence.
  • He will represent you, will tell your story, and will ensure you are the victim
  • He negotiates with the insurance company and will make sure they pay a fair amount of compensation
  • He will prove your injuries, damages and will tell the amount after counting what you lost due to the accident.

Top Five Car Accident Lawyer NY

Here we will tell you about the top five lawyers NY. We have done enough research and find out some best lawyer, share some details about them, read them and contact if you like any of them.

1. The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

the rothenberg law firm llp

This law firm has a total of five offices in New York. It’s a personal injury law firm that is winning cases for the people of new york for more than fifty years. They represent car, motorcycle, truck accident victims. They investigate and negotiate with the insurance companies to get a fair claim for the victims. The lawyer Barbara Rothenberg is a reputed member of the American Association for Justice.


450 Seventh Ave 44th Floor

New York, NY 10123

2. Redmond Law

Redmond Law

Redmond law is one of the top personal injury law firms. It helps peoples with car accidents and personal injury in New York. This law firm has ensured maximum financial claims for the victim’s damage. The lawyer Cornelius Redmond has two decades of experience as a lawyer. He works for personal injury cases, product liability cases, wrongful death cases, and medical malpractice cases. This firm offers free consultation and charges only when the victim gets a fair verdict. They also handle commercial, employment, corporate, real estate, etc. law cases.


80 Broad St., Suite 1202

New York, NY 10004

3. The O’Connor Law Firm

The OConnor Law Firm

This law firm offers personalized care and complete attention to an accident case. This injury firm is based in New York. This injury firm handles vehicle accidents, personal injury, construction accidents, wrongful deaths, etc. Brian J.O’Conner found this law firm a seasoned lawyer who works for the new Yorkers. He prioritizes customer satisfaction and tries to provide the best customer service. They got multiple awards, win a position in the top 100 Trial Lawyers, and got RUE Rating Best Attorneys of America.


39 Broadway

New York, NY 10006

4. Ajlouny Injury Law

Ajlouny Injury Law

This injury law firm is located in New York, Brooklyn. It’s a personal injury and auto accident law firm. They are skilled in handling car accident attorneys in NY. They represent injured drivers, cyclists, passengers, and pedestrians involved in a crash. They work to retrieve a fair amount of compensation for clients’ property damages, medical bills, transportation bills, rehabilitation, and wrongful death. This firm also handles workplace injury/wrongful deaths and medical malpractice.


276 5th Ave STE 704-724

New York, NY 10001

5. Cohan Law PLLC

Cohan Law PLLC

Cohan Law PLLC is one of the best personal injury firms. It provides counsel and legal representation to the individual car crash victim who is seriously injured.  When any victim contacts this law firm they rapidly work to secure evidence and protect the ethics of their claims. They are skilled negotiators; they use the evidence as leverage in discussion with the other faulty parties. They attempt to retrieve monetary compensation for all the damages you faced. This law firm also handles wrongful death claims cases and all types of construction accident cases.


401 Park Ave S Fl 10

New York, NY 10016

New York Car Accident Statics

New York is the home of 8+ million people. And the road of New York is named one of the most congested roads of the nation, even the world. This road sees several traffic accidents daily. In 2018 total of 2,77,971 car accidents, in 2019 total of 2,06,754, and 2020 there was 1,10,834 car accident the new york city has seen. 

If we dive into 2020, then we see the new york city has witnessed an average of 303 accidents each day.

According to monthly statics, most car accidents in new york city occurred due to some common reason. In 2022, the accident causes are-

  • 2127 crashes for driver distraction
  • 577 crashes for following too closely
  • 484 hits for failure to yield the right of way
  • 311 hits for lane usage
  • 293 hits for high speeding
  • 138 crashes for drunk driving

The highest number of accidents occurred in 2019; there were 6245 accidents due to driver distraction and 2,226 crashes for following too closely. 

Driver distraction is the lead cause of accidents in NY., and the distraction reason mainly was using a cell phone. 

If you have faced an accident in NY, you should know about the New York no-fault insurance state. It means the insurance company will pay your medical bills and all the damages you face if someone else is at fault. But they won’t pay for the total cost of a serious injury; they have limits.

Which Districts of New York City Face the Most Accidents?

In 2020, Brooklynsawn the largest number of accidents; there were 35,245 crashes (31.7%). And some more highest traffic accidents district of new york are-

  • 33,192 crashes in Queens (29%)
  • 21,519 hits in the Bronx (19.4%)
  • 4,648 hits in Staten Island (4.2%)

In 2018 and 2019, the district Queen has faced the largest percentage of NY. 

Want to know which district has faced fatal car accidents most? Let’s know.

  • 40 fatal crashes faced by Queens (44.4%)
  • 21 fatal crashes faced by the Bronx (23.3%)
  • 20 fatal crashes faced by Brooklyn (22.2%)
  • Five fatal crashes faced by Manhattan ( 5.5%)
  • Four fatal crashes faced by Staten Island (4.4%)

What Causes Car Accidents In New York, NY?

There are many reasons for causing a car accident in New york. We are presenting the four most common causes of car accidents in NY.

Distracted driving

When the driver’s attention is somewhere else, not on the road, or their hands are not on the mind’s wheel, they wonder if this kind of accident happens. Thirty-two percent of car accidents occurred due to distracted driving.

Drunk driving

When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he can be the reason for a car crash. Drunk driving crashes damage a lot; they can cause fatal injuries to death. Even the faulty driver got injured himself. Twenty-eight percent of crashes occurred due to drunk driving.

Fatigues Driving

When the driver is awake for more than 18 hours, the blood alcohol concentration or BAC occurred. Fatigued driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. In this state, the driver feels influences so that the crash can be vital. Five percent of crashes occurred due to Fatigue Driving. And if you are awake for more than 24 hours, then it becomes more aggressive. Ten percent of crashes occurred due to this reason.  

Defective Vehicles

Some accidents occurred even after being careful. What can be the reason for this situation? It’s none other than the car defects. When the car equipment/tools are defective, the accident is unavoidable. You can’t control these accidents. And if these types of accidents happen, then the company is also considered the fault and pays some compensation. 

What Happens If The Other Driver Was Uninsured? 

When you have a car in NY, you must ensure it legally. But most of us don’t have one, or if we have one, it doesn’t meet the amount that the state’s minimum needs. When a driver doesn’t have insurance but causes a car accident in NY, what will happen? Will the victim get his right compensation or not? We will answer you here.

When you face an accident, meet lots of damages, but the faulty driver doesn’t have insurance still you can get compensation. There are few ways available to you.

You can get some compensation from your own insurance company. If you have added the uninsured motorist coverage to your insurance policy, then you can enjoy some additional benefits. 

Another way is to file a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit against the faulty uninsured driver. In this case, you will get only the amount the driver has, which means his ability to pay you. If he is rich, you will get a hefty amount, but you will have a little amount that he can afford if he is poor. So if you win, still more chances go to not getting a fair settlement.

But there is an exciting thing in NY. If your lawyer can find someone else or some more people were involved in the accident, then the amount will be pretty good. For this, the lawyer has to do enough investigation. If he can pursue damages from more than the liabilities parties, you will get fair compensation.


In this guide, we have shared all the related information you need to know when you face an accident in New York and search for a good lawyer. We have also listed down some top Lawyers of New York; we have also shared their addresses. If you find someone worth who can help you, you can contact him.