5 Best PhD Criminal Justice Programs

You can have the necessary tools to deal with, conduct, and analyze your research on criminal behavior, policing gender cases, and law and society topics with a doctoral degree in criminal justice—the Best PhD Criminal Justice Programs help you see the crime figures of a particular area, speculate on what is causing the present scenario, and evaluate the methods private and public institutions can utilize to bring about effective reformation. At this degree of criminal justice, you can also become a teacher or professor in universities and colleges.

One of the most preferred doctoral degrees is a PhD. in criminal justice in the field. Although the doctoral programs can heavily focus on illegal justice cases and research methodologies, they are most commonly interdisciplinary. They offer an opportunity to pursue the attention in the political science, sociology, economics, public health, and psychology areas. Only a few universities enable you to get enrolled in the criminal justice Ph.D. program if you have a BS/BA degree. On the other hand, others demand an MS / MA degree to make sure they are accepted in the program.

Is it worth getting a PhD in criminal justice?

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It is quite a challenging and long process to earn a Ph.D. The students can access the career options, with this degree of prestige makes it worthwhile. In the field, particularly, a doctorate opens up several jobs with professional interest freedom. Some other fields are given here;


The students who pursue a Ph.D. will normally do it because they are competing in expanding experience in the field. Research areas exist in educational settings, individual research organizations, and government offices. For example, search information about investigations currently being carried through the US Justice Office of Justice Programs Department.

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is an office of the US Department of Justice that concentrates on corruption through analysis and development, support to state, local, and common illegal justice companies, including law requirement, changes, and juvenile law through donations and support to crime sufferers.


The people who prefer at most role strength consider seeking careers in the search. Background investigators, criminal investigation authorities, and crime scene detectives are a few common pathways. Moreover, the IRS describes several sections of the criminal investigation. The freelance researchers can practice in work and interest areas, including many clients.

Forensic Scientist

The people using more scientific disciplines in the academic journeys thrive as forensic scientists. There are possibilities for working in different environments, basically a place requiring assimilating physical evidence uncovering the crime picture.

It is an interesting field providing individuals with a difficult several jobs. At higher levels, career prospects are more complex and productive. Consider seeking a doctoral program in one of the jobs mentioned above are especially interesting.

How many years does it take to get a Ph.D. in criminal justice?

Usually, the students can get a Ph.D. in criminal justice in four years, but the minimum time duration of a PhD in criminal justice is three years and a maximum of six years.

How much does a Ph.D. in criminal justice cost?

The cost per credit for an online criminal justice Ph.D. degree usually ranges from $550 – $1,100. Students have to pay $22,000 -$66,000 in total tuition.

Criminal Justice Doctoral Programs

List of Best PhD Criminal Justice Programs, Campus & Online

1. Northcentral University

Accredited by WASC

In the Criminal Justice doctoral plan at North Central University, the DBA has the main focus on the cultural and historical different type relevance of crime. It develops the problem-solving and analytical skills of the students. Students are allowed to attend classes in institutional reform, criminal justice and ethics, and effective policing strategies, practices, and procedures in this program.

2. Walden University

Accredited by HLC

The doctoral degree in the criminal justice program of Walden University is helpful for the students to assess crime reasons and their effect on illegal justice as well as the criminal justice system part. The learners can choose courses like criminal behavior, technology, and law execution, homeland security, and human services subjects in this program.

3. Arizona State University

Accredited by HLC

For a doctoral program in criminology, the students can also join Arizona School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. This state-of-the-art program emphasizes the research, policy, and theory of criminal justice. Moreover, the main focus of this program is to develop expert criminology and illicit justice department, administrators, and researchers.

4. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Accredited by HLC

The students can come to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for a PhD program in criminal justice. This program focuses on the growth of professors in the criminology and criminal justice field. The program has a main focus on developing advanced teaching and research skills. 

5. Colorado Technical University

Accredited by HLC

The students can also join the Colorado Technical University for a Ph.D. in management. The program focuses on delivering the required skills to become students as a leader while combining mentorship with CTU faculty.

What school has the best criminal justice program?

There are different universities and schools as stated above that have the best criminal justice programs. But Colorado Technical University is dominated by all of them.  

Wrap Up

It is up to you to pursue a doctoral degree program in Criminal Justice and Criminology on-campus or online. Several recent online Best PhD Criminal Justice Programs consist of one-of-a-kind residency or research conferences. Though, they can be easier for the current adults. On the other hand, on-campus programs mean that when it comes to dissertation research, you can get to know your faculty, learn first-hand, and spend a lot of time on the face. In any situation, enhance your search by country, state, and city (Location), or particularly search for online programs to get a sense of what they are involved in.