The Top 5 Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Are you injured in an auto accident in Chicago? Then, you should take some immediate steps that can help you recover your damages. These steps will help you fight against the faulty driver and get you the fair compensation you deserve. Hiring an auto accident lawyer is the most important step you should take after facing an accident in Chicago. Why? We will tell you below. To know why you need auto accident lawyers in Chicago, the steps you should take after you face an accident, and some top auto accident lawyers in Chicago, scroll down and be with us.

Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Five Immediate Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident

When you face an accident, you should act smartly. You have to take every step after giving a deep thought. Your one wrong step can ruin the game and take a verdict against you. And the right decision can bring victory for you. When you are living in Chicago and face an accident due to someone else neglect, you will get fair compensation for every property and injury damages you face. But getting compensation isn’t so easy. The insurance company will try to make you the faulty, ditch, or settle the matter in the least amount. To keep the case in your favor, you take some immediate steps that will help you win the case.

The first step: After facing the accident, the first step will be to call 911 immediately. So law enforcement can reach there instantly to help you reach a hospital and investigate who is at fault. Despite being innocent and getting injured because of someone’s neglect, you can still get an allegation of fault. Why? If you left the accident place without the presence of any law enforcement. Remember,  the other party will try to trick you and make you the fault and act as the victim if they get a chance. You have to be very cautious. Otherwise, you can get charged with hit and run.  

So at first, Move the car if it is possible and in no time call the law enforcement, and wait for their arrival. 

The second step: Now, it’s time to store the evidence. Some faulty driver tries to destroy evidence clear the allegations. So you have to try to preserve evidence as much as you can. Take immediate pictures of the accident location/property damages/injuries. If possible, manage video footage of the accident. Find out if there was some CCTV camera around. A recorded statement or document statement can help you a lot. If there is someone who has seen the accident live, take their statement. Don’t forget to keep their necessary information like name, phone number, or address, so you can contact him whenever you need. Don’t lose any types of documents. Be it medical bills, car repair bills, age statements, work reports ( you couldn’t work how many hours), travel expenses, medications bills, etc. 

The third step: Next step is providing and collecting correct information. Exchange your information and take other driver information who were involved in the accident. It shouldn’t happen the other driver gave the wrong identification and address and flew. Note down Name, Address, Phone Number, Vehicle Registration, Plate Number, Auto Insurance information, etc. Check their NID Card or Driving License and ensure the information is correct. You will need this information if you have to file a case against them. Just like you have taken their data, provide yours too; you should cooperate and be confident.

The fourth step: You should seek medical treatment. If you feel you aren’t poorly injured still, you should seek emergency medical attention. Get yourself treated and do whatever need. If there is any internal injury, conduct the required test to diagnose the injury. There can be internal organ damage, brain injuries, whiplash, or other things that don’t immediately signal. Internal injuries take a few hours to show up. If the doctor recommends treatment like physical therapy, surgery, or imaging tests, follow their saying. You don’t have to worry about the expenses. The faulty party will compensate for the damages, including your medical bills.

The fifth step: File an accident case. You aren’t the only one who will take this step; all the drivers involved in the accident should file a report before ten days pass. But it’s only necessary when someone is injured during the accident or any property damage ( more than 1k$), or someone dies. In that case, you have to fill a report of a car accident form with accurate information about yours and other drivers. If you don’t do this, you will be considered a misdemeanor offense, and your driving license will be suspended. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the accident report.

Why You Need a Lawyer

After facing an accident in Chicago, no matter if you are at fault or not, you must acknowledge the insurance company about the accident. So they could do their required investigation. But keep in mind, insurance companies are very clever. They will try to trick you and try their best to settle the matter in the least amount. Handling them isn’t a simple task; they will interrogate you and will make you weak. So you will need a lawyer who can handle the matter.

Only a lawyer can manage the case. He will represent you and talk to the insurance company. If you try to speak with the insurance company or represent yourself in court, the other party denies their mistakes. Even their lawyer can take the help of deception and pass the allegations to you. Handling them will be impossible for you. Without a lawyer, you will feel like a ship without a rudder in the middle of a deep ocean. He will protect you and will make sure you get fair compensation for your injury.  

Top Five Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Finding a lawyer isn’t difficult these days. But finding a good lawyer is difficult. Among so many lawyers, how can you find the right one? We have thought about that and found out about some renowned auto car accident lawyers in Chicago. All the lawyers we mentioned below are experienced, skilled, and have won several cases. You can check on them and select one who seems best to you or affordable according to your budget.

1. GWC Injury Lawyers

GWC Injury Lawyers

GWC Injury Lawyers is one of the largest law firms in Chicago. They are fighting for victim rights for more than four decades.  They have 40 years of experience in handling personal injury cases. They have multiple offices in different locations where they offer legal assistance to clients. They handle car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, etc. cases. They have earned many awards, and have made a place in the Illinois Super Lawyers list. They have a membership in the Leading Lawyers Network. They are committed to represent injured clients and get the highest compensation that they deserve.


1 E Wacker Dr. Ste 3800

Chicago, IL 60601

2. Law Office of M. Andrew Hamilton

Law Office of M. Andrew Hamilton

The Law Office of M. Andrew Hamilton is another reputed personal injury firm based in Chicago. They focus on cases involving auto, bus, truck, motorcycle, train, or crosswalk accidents. The founder Andrew Hamilton leads the firm. He maintains diligence and gives proper focus on each case. He will speak to the victim personally, investigate himself, and assist the clients as per his needs. He provides services in both English and Spanish language.


221 North LaSalle St. Suite 2150

Chicago, IL 60606  

3. Shea Law Group

Shea Law Group

It’s a family own Chicago-based law firm. It was founded in 1997 and still winning the cases and hearts of victims. They handle all types of car/motorcycle/truck/train accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, construction accidents, etc. They represent in both English and Spanish language. The founder Joseph Patric Shea has a membership with the Illinois Bar Association/Chicago Bar Association/American Bar Association and Trial Lawyers of America. 


2400 North Western Avenue 2nd Floor

Chicago, IL 60647

4. TorkLaw


Toklaw law firm is serving in Chicago and Illinois area for almost ten years. They have offices spreading all over the country. If you face any injury or loss due to someone’s neglect, they will help you. They have experience in handling involving accident cases too. They will help you get more compensation from the insurance company. They have won the best lawyers’ best law Firm awards from the US News five times. Unless they get the compensation for you, they won’t charge you. They get a payment when you get your fair amount of compensation. 


321 N Clark St Ste 500

Chicago, IL 60654

5. VanDerGinst Law

VanDerGinst Law

This law firm has many skilled lawyers providing legal consultation and representing auto accident victims for more than 30 years. In these 30 years, they have expertise in more than 30 types of cases. Some of the cases they handle are personal injury, wrongful deaths, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, workers compensation, construction accident, cruise, and resort accident, birth injuries, etc. They defend their clients and give their best effort to win against negligent drivers. They investigate, create file documents, do a consultation with experts, and complete everything on time. Along with Chicago, they also offer services in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, and Iowa City. 


1 North LaSalle Street

Chicago, IL 60602


If you have face an accident or want to be prepared for the future, you can check the immediate steps you should take after an accident above and the list of the best auto accident lawyers in Chicago. We have shared the law firm’s link, some details about their work, and their address in the list.